Testimonials (Actual letters and cards are on file and available for review upon request.)

My mother Kathryn has dementia and is incontinent. Approximately 5 years ago my stepfather and my brother placed my mother with Rhoda as a caregiver.

Living in a small city like Rio Vista, we didn't have too many options for caregivers. Rhoda's care home is only a few blocks away. My stepfather is able to visit everyday and my brother and I visit at least 4 times a week.

We have been totally satisfied with Rhoda's care. My mother is always dressed nice, hair combed, nails polished, and her hygiene is always taken care of. The food served always looks good and is nutritional. My mother has controlled her weight and diabetes.

Rhoda's care home is always clean and smells fresh. My mother's room is always clean and neat.

We feel very fortunate in finding a residential care home in this area operated by such a caring person as Rhoda. I highly recommend her service to anyone's family member.

~ Cyrus B.


Dear Rhoda,

No amount of money or any words can really show how much we love you for your very special care you give out father. We know he requires a lot of help and your touch is so kind and patient.

We are so thankful for you. If he was well he would tell you himself. May God bless you with patience and strength.      

~ Bill and family


With Rhoda, my mother receives exceptional care. The home is always kept very clean. There is never a trace of that "nursing facility" odor.

Rhoda and her caregivers always treat my mother with the utmost respect and never talk down to her as a child. They have always been there to listen when my mother had a need or concern.

My mother has always been well fed and has enjoyed the food prepared by Rhoda. She is always willing to make a special dish that a resident particularly likes. There is a birthday cake for their special day and the home is always ready to celebrate each special occasion. (Families are always invited.)

All in all, my mother receives extraordinary care under Rhoda. I would never hesitate to recommend Rhoda's facility to someone looking for a care home for their loved ones.

I only hope that if and when my day comes, I will have someone as attentive as Rhoda to look after me.

~ Frances F.